We at One Source Medical Supplies have teamed up with Elder HealthCare to bring you a wide array of services to the elderly. 

Elder HealthCare aims to provide joy and comfort to the elderly and empower them to make changes in their lives for a brighter future. We can accomplish this by aiding them in receiving the care they need. We believe leaving an impact on people, brings happiness. Turning closed doors into open pathways and being part of the solution is what matters most, get started today and apply for Medicaid with elderly health care services.

Elder HealthCare is an organization specializing in Medicaid and Pooled Income. They are a Medicaid specialist certified by the state of NY. 

They pride themselves on providing a thoroughly guided, systemic process of getting onto Long term Care Community Medicaid, NH Medicaid, Pooled Income Trust, code removals and home-care.

 How it works?

Elder HealthCare has a thorough intake call with the client, where they explain the entire process.

The process is broken into 3 steps:

1. Elder HealthCare will send the documents check list and signature pages in their Starter kit email. There will be regular follow up with the client for progress, where they actively address any questions or concerns one may have,

2. Once all the docs are received and are in order, Elder HealthCare will evaluate if a Pooled Income Trust is needed and set that up as well.

3.  Finally, Elder HealthCare will submit application and guarantee approval. Following this, they move on to prepare the client for assessments if they will need homecare.

Current Services Offered:

- Long term Care Community Medicaid

- NH Medicaid

- Pooled Income Trust

- Irrevocable Trusts

- Homecare

- Asset Trusts

 If you are interested in any of the services, please fill out the form below.



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