Conmed 2700-005 Cleartrace® Radiolucent Tape Electrode 600/CS

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The ConMed Cleartrace Radiolucent Electrode features proprietary gel formation, GEL 2000X. This conductive adhesive gel formulation is designed to minimize impedance, while maintaining signal quality and adhering well to skin, while avoiding skin irritation. This item has a low profile perforated tape with a larger square/oval shape that increases adhesion, making it great for general purpose monitoring. It is MR safe, and can be used up to seven days. It has Ag/Ag chloride and is latex free. 


  • MR safe
  • Clear perforated tape with paper tab
  • Conductive adhesive gel
  • Ag/Ag chloride
  • Carbon snap
  • Latex free
  • Size 2.0” (5.1cm)
  • Square/Oval shape adds "staying" power to the design
  • Up to 7 days of use
  • Clear Neoderm tape allows visual monitoring of the patient's skin condition at all times
  • Neoderm tape is waterproof yet allows moisture to escape
  • Packaged 5/pouch, 50/box, 12 boxes/case, 600 electrodes/case

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