Live verification of Funds:

  • We use a direct API into buyer's accounts to provide instant and live verification of funds.

Background Checks:

  • We offer background checks as well as AML and checks against Government watch lists.

Inventory and Purchase Order Financing 


  • Due to the Coronavirus, many businesses have pivoted to buying and selling PPE Supplies. We know traditional financing may not be available. If you are looking for financing please email:


Shipping and Transportation:

  • Vans and Box Truck shipping locally within the Tri-state area. 
  • Competitive rates and same-day service available

Third Party Inspection:

  • We offer inspections within the Tri-state area for a flat rate of $299 per inspection up to 75 miles away from Manhattan.
  • Inspections in Los Angeles are $399 Maximum of 8 hours.
  • Multiple Countries

 Third Party Logistics:

  • We offer free warehousing and fulfillment for users of our platform


Just  email or whatsapp us to learn more.

The One Source Team 

 * we do not take responsibility for the outcome of services rendered by our partners


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