Anti Blue Light Filter For MacBook Air & Pro

Device: MacBook Air 11"
Sale price$54.99 USD


Ocushield blue light filters block harmful blue light before it reaches your eyes. This keeps your eyes feeling fresh, diminishing dryness and enabling longer periods of focus.

Developed by qualified optometrists, our MHRA & FDA registered anti blue light filters block up to 99% of harmful UV and blue light emissions between 300-400nm, and up to 54% of harmful blue light between 400-470nm.

By reducing your exposure to blue light in the evenings, Ocushield blue light filters will help you get to sleep peacefully and boost the quality of your sleep, and let your worries about blue light slip away.

  • Improve sleep, protect eyes and skin from harmful blue light
  • Prevents digital eye strain and headaches
  • True colors, a crystal clear picture
  • Reinforced tempered glass to protect your screens
  • Easy to apply, applicator tray included. No more bubbles!
  • Anti-bacterial coating
  • Anti-glare plastic
  • Designed & developed by Optometrists in the UK
  • Accredited Class 1 Medical Device by the MHRA

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