Defibtech Lifeline AED, Recertified Series Model DDU100A/ DCF-A120

Package Type: 1/Each
Pads: Adult (Included)
Sale price$749.99 USD


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Eligible For NY State Tax Credits (no max-up to $500 per AED so purchasing 10 will give you about $4,800 in credits )
If you choose pickup then it will be brought to Israel and donated  unless you respond to the email confirmation with instructions to hold or deliver once it gets there. 

Any NYS taxpayer is eligible for a $500 credit for each AED Defibrillator purchased for personal or business purposes, essentially-anything but retail.  These credits are considered to be money that you paid to NYS and comes off of your liability to NYS. 
These credits are for anyone working and paying taxes in NYS. If you don't make enough to need to pay any NYS tax liability, or do not have a significant amount withheld from a  W-2 income, then this credit is not likely for you.
For example:
If a single person made $50,000 and withheld $10,000 in his W2. The amount spent on an 1 or more AED will be returned to him in the form of his withheld money coming back instead. If a smaller amount then he was due, this will help move the needle back. 
If you owned a business that made $100,000. 
Let's say your tax bill (before any money was paid in via withholding (think of a W-2) would be $8,000. 
You bought 4 AEDs for a total of $2000. 
Your new bill would be $6000
This AED package comes with factory pads and battery, rescue ready kit, and an AED Inspection Tag
How To Use(Video is also in the images section of the product )
The Lifeline AED is versatile in many areas. The large rubberized handle is easy to grab wearing bulky work gloves while the light sleek design makes it a great device for anyone. The front of the device is simple and clean. The oversized power and shock buttons and LED text display are brightly lit to ensure there is no fumbling or searching in a rescue situation. 
Your Defibtech Lifeline Encore Series is meticulously cleaned, tested and accessorized with a NEW, Factory battery and electrodes. Only after passing our stringent tests is the Defibtech Lifeline AED allowed the privilege of wearing the Encore Series brand.
What's included:
Refurbished Defibtech Lifeline AED 
Adult Electrode Pads (1 Pair)
Standard Battery
AED Inspection Tag
4 year replaceable battery 
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