MedSchenker® Cryogenic Vial 6000/BX

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The Medschenker Cryogenic Storage Vial or Cryotube is a specially designed tube for cryogenic storage and transport of biological specimens at extreme temperatures. This polypropylene vial has a storage capacity of 1.5 ml and a mouth opening of 8.1mm for easier deposit. It can be best used by lab professionals for long-term freeze specimen testing and storage purposes.

Self-Standing Structure: The smart cryotube has a good design and built. It is made up of 100% polypropylene with a silicone O-ring for tight sealing. It is a self-standing tube with a conical bottom that allows easier positioning on trays as well as complete sample retrieval. It can be inserted easily in the cryogenic trays or shelves for storage.

Withstands Extreme Temperatures: The cryogenic vials are purpose-built and ready to use. They are specially designed for the long-term freeze storage of biological specimens. They can easily withstand ultra-high and ultra-low temperatures (as low as -80° C and as high as 100° C).

Instant Specimen Identification: One of the great characteristics of cryogenic tubes is that it helps in the instant identification of the specimen. Each vial comes with a different color-coded screw cap with inserts. Each specimen is placed inside a separate vial with its unique color-coded screw cap to distinguish it from others.

Single-Handed Manipulation: The special skirted conical bottom of the tube allows for single-handed manipulation. Due to the self-standing conical base design, this tube can be easily locked into the cryogenic trays or shelves. Thus, becoming an ideal candidate for the secure cryogenic storage of the specimens.

Prevents Contamination: The cryogenic storage tube avoids contamination of the contents in the vial. It is externally threaded and has deep-skirted closures to allow single-handed aseptic techniques and methods to be used on samples without getting them exposed to fingers. Also, there is an O-ring silicon screw cap that provides a tight and protective seal to the vial contents.

Automated Precision Manufacturing: The cryogenic vials are made via automated precision systems to ensure consistency and uniformity in size and shape across each vial. This manufacturing technique allows for the lowest possible failure rates. Moreover, the vials are externally threaded for aseptic techniques and are graduated/labeled from 0.5 up to 1.5 ml.

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