Model 151 Atomizer

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This 1.4 ounce capacity atomizer produces a fine mist that is ideal for nose and throat treatments, decubitus ulcer care, and wound cleansing
A vacuum or venturi-type atomizer that can be operated by one of the following: compressed air, a No 1 hand bulb or the No 630 cut-off assembly
Designed for use with aqueous solutions
Precise control and application of topical anesthetics
All types of oil or water solutions can be used that are compatible with rhodium and nickel plating
Produces fine mist without force
Small tube may be inserted well into nasal passages
Removable spray tube for ease in sterilization
Top consists of all metal construction
Used in decubitus ulcer treatments, debridement of wounds, and wound cleansing
Use by E.N.T doctors, research laboratories, veterinarians, burn centers, wound care facilities, emergency rooms

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