Free unlimited service
for first responder agencies.

With T-Mobile and Sprint joining forces, we can now deliver access to America’s largest 5G network to first responder agencies when it’s needed most. We’re changing wireless—this is 5G for good.


Two EMTs sitting on back of truck


T-Mobile is giving free phone service to show their appreciation to first responders.


Police officer on phone

First responders are always on preferred and get data first.

EMT standing beside ambulance
How to participate.


Eligible agencies include state or local police & sheriff, fire, and emergency medical services that support one of the following:

  • Cities
  • Counties
  • States
  • Districts or municipalities
  • Tribal





You must maintain active government duty employees in one of the following:

  • Police, fire, or emergency medical services first responders
  • Public safety or law enforcement command
  • Police, sheriff, fire, or emergency medical services
  • Police or fire chiefs and their staff
  • Police or fire field command
  • Police or fire dispatch
  • 911 call centers



You must establish a business account in the name of the state or local government agency.


  • Inclusion of volunteers within Government First Responder rate plans will be at the discretion of the station chief or commander in consultation with T-Mobile.

  • Exceptions may be made for stations with a predominantly auxiliary/volunteer force and non-profit first responders’ organizations.


  • Private, for-profit public safety institutions will not be eligible for this program.

  • Connecting Heroes is designed for first responder agencies. For individuals without a line provided by an agency, our best discount for first responders and their families is our Magenta First Responder plan.


    This is not our content and was taken from the T-mobile website. Please contact them directly. We have no affiliation with T-mobile. 



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