AquaSense Toilet Seat Riser with Hinge

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Designed to help getting on and off the toilet for people with bending or sitting difficulties. Facilitates cleaning and hygiene for all users. Apart from providing independence, dignity and confidence while helping the user get on and off the toilet with minimal straining – it will facilitate cleaning and hygiene for all users. When placed in the raised position, it will provide an non-obstructed area, for men.

Hinge for ease of cleaning, used under the existing seat – discreet, can go unnoticed in the user’s bathroom décor
Adding 3 1/2" inches of height to your toilet making it easier and safer to sit or stand
Made from PE that is both lightweight and durable to support up to 300 lbs
Fits most standard toilets
Feel good knowing that plastics parts of this product are made using recycled materials

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