BD Vacutainer Urine Collection Kit 50/CS

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Vacutainer Urine Collection Kit with Sterile Screw-Cap Collection Cup with Integrated Transfer Device; 8 mL, 16 mm x 100 mm; Plastic Conical Urinalysis Tube; 4 mL, 13 mm x 75 mm Plastic C& S Preservative Tube; Towelettes

  • Compliant with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and American Hospital Association (AHA) requirements for mercury-free disposal
  • Evacuated to eliminate spills and hazardous pour-offs and provide leak-proof transportation within a pneumatic tube system
  • Urinalysis preservative tube includes chlorhexidine, ethylparaben and sodium propionate
  • Will work with the CLINITEK Atlas system, Iris iQ200 system and Sysmex UF-50 analyzer
  • Minimum and maximum fill lines for a proper additive-to-urine ratio

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      Brand  Becton Dickinson
      Product Vacutainer
      Manufacturer Number 364957
      Tube Size 13 x 75 mm, 4mL
      Case Dimensions 13.7x13.8x9.6", 6lb

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